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framework - project management

Project management

The management of a project is a contract by which the owner designates a manager who acts as the main consultant for the execution of his project. Whether it is for determining the exact position of the building on your property, the conception of the plans, establishing your budget and timeframe or for the choice of materials and sub-contractors, we put all of our know-how and experience at your service. We accompany you throughout the entire process, right up until the realisation of your project as you’ve imagined it.

Turn-key Delivery

The turn-key delivery approach consists in a contract with fixed and packaged prices. The customer who chooses this form of contract insures himself peace of mind, the price for the job already being established.

The cost of the work can only be modified following changes demanded by the customer. The execution of the work lies solely in the hands of the entrepreneur, from the workforce to the suppliers required for each of the specialized steps of the construction. This type of contract also gives the customer the freedom to express his needs, tastes and desires in order for the finished product to correspond exactly to the vision he had.